Founded in 2015 by our Editor-in-Chief Isaac Joseph Project RED is committed to spreading awareness on the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and the people living with HIV/AIDS while fighting against the stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV/AIDS and the people living with HIV/AIDS.


Due to a lack of education on HIV/AIDS in our schools, homes, and community more than 80% of people living with HIV experience stigma and discrimination. Project RED Inc. is committed to educating its reader about HIV/AIDS in an effort to dismantle the stigma and discrimination that still surrounds HIV/AIDS.


We strive to encourage people living with HIV/AIDS to be brave and unashamed of their status by showing society that we can coexist and not live in fear of the virus or people living with virus.


Standing up to fight against the stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV/AIDS and people living with the HIV/AIDS is what Project RED Inc. is all about. Everyday people living with HIV/AIDS face stigma and discrimination in the U.S. and several countries around the world. Even after 30 years of research stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS is still a major challenge; this includes the misconceptions about how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and how people with HIV/AIDS live.

Words From Our Editor-In-Chief

Thanks For Reading Project RED inc.

I would like to thank you all for reading Project RED inc. This has been such a journey to get here and this is only the beginning. So buckle up because you all in for a heck of a ride.

Yours Truly,

Isaac D. Joseph

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