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dismantling stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV/AIDS and the people living with HIV/AIDS.


Founded in 2015 by our Editor-in-Chief Isaac Joseph Project RED is committed to spreading awareness on the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and the people living with HIV/AIDS while fighting against the stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV/AIDS and the people living with HIV/AIDS.


Due to a lack of education on HIV/AIDS in our schools, homes, and community more than 80% of people living with HIV experience stigma and discrimination. Project RED Inc. is committed to educating its reader about HIV/AIDS in an effort to dismantle the stigma and discrimination that still surrounds HIV/AIDS.


We strive to encourage people living with HIV/AIDS to be brave and unashamed of their status by showing society that we can coexist and not live in fear of the virus or people living with virus.


Standing up to fight against the stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV/AIDS and people living with the HIV/AIDS is what Project RED Inc. is all about. Everyday people living with HIV/AIDS face stigma and discrimination in the U.S. and several countries around the world. Even after 30 years of research stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV/AIDS is still a major challenge; this includes the misconceptions about how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and how people with HIV/AIDS live.


Melting Insecurities: The Real Sian Green

Sian Green is a HIV/AIDS advocate from the greater New Orleans area of Louisiana who has overcome the struggles of being a person living with HIV but have also bravely hopped over the hurdles of being woman living with HIV today. In her short story account she states, “I am heterosexual HIV positive woman who walks with a phenomenal poise while placing her middle finger in the air.” A statement so powerful and full of assurance shows that she has truly melted the insecurities of being a heterosexual woman living with HIV. But how did she get there and how can her journey of melting those insecurities help the millions women who lives in shadows of HIV today? I spoke with Sian and through a phone interview I got the real T and I am ready to spill the true story behind the short story “Melting Insecurities.”.

For Auld Lang Syne: A Letter to my Newly Diagnosed Self

Today is October 3, 2018 and today I celebrate 4 years of life living with HIV/AIDS. As I look back on the day that I was diagnosed I truly had no clue what was to come of me, but like a phoenix rising out of the ashes I too risen above AIDS and HIV, but sometime wonder. With no manual to instruct me on how to cope or deal with that fact that you I was dying, what would my present self say to my newly diagnosed self. 

LGBTQ, Substance Abuse, and HIV

For years the LGBT community has been plagued with substance abuse issues. For people living within the LGBT community especially young gay and bisexual men, they have often escaped into substances such as methamphetamines, cocaine, crack cocaine, ketamine, and other illicit drugs as a way to cope with the stressor which place them at a greater risk for HIV. The LGBTQ lifestyle, substance abuse, and HIV really do go hand in hand but how do we stop this ugly blemish on our community and curb substance abuse within the HIV community. 

Inside The Issue

Melting Insecurities: The Real Sian Green

Sian Green, what can I say! I first came across this beautiful young lady when looking for women to be featured in Project Red's website magazine under Ali's Corner. Who would…

For Auld Lang SyneA Letter to My New Diagnosed Self

Today is October 3, 2014 and you just found out that you have tested positive for HIV/AIDS. Right now you lying in a hospital bed, but I know you would much rather be somewhere…

Melting Insecurities

A door once closed to my past has reopened into my present. I remember the day vividly when he walked back into my life, this man was more than a friend to me. He was handsome,…

LGBTQ, Subastance Abuse, and HIV

For years the LGBT community has been plagued with substance abuse issues. Studies have shown that, when compared with the general population, gay and bisexual men, lesbian, and…

Mirror, MirrorHIV and Self-Stigmatization

“You are a dirty, disgusting, diseased ridden, homosexual that is being punished by God for living a sinful life that deserves to die in the most horrible way that a human can…

The Cycle of Stigma and How it Affects HIV/AIDS and PLWHA

What is Stigma? Stigma is a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. Stigma is like the venom of a poisonous snake, as its venom flows…



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